Our Products
We are suppliers, retailers and wholesalers of electrical goods. The various products under this category consists of cables, condensers, connectors, converters, insulators, motors, pipes, switches & switchgears etc. The electrical industry is the leading industry within the manufacturing sector and is the largest contributor to output, exports and employment opportunities. The electrical products comprises of cables, motors, switches & switchgears , etc.
Armoured/Unarmoured Cable with copper / Aluminum Conductor.
Screened/Unscreened Type PVC/LDPE Instrumentation Cables, Railway Signaling Cables.
Compensating Thermocouple Extension Cables, H.R.Cables With PTFE (Teflon) Insulated Cables, Heat Proff Cables With Glass/Asbestos Insulation.
FRLS/FR/HR/HFFR/HOFR Power Control & Instrumentation Cables, Flexible & House Wiring Cables (Singles & Multicor Cables).
EPR/PCP/CSP/HOFR Rubber Trailing Cables, VIR/TRS Cables, Welding Cables, Silicon Rubber Cables.
Submersible & 3 Core Flat Cables.
PIJF Telecom Cables.
PVC / XLPE Insulated L.T. & H.T. Cables upto 6.6 K.V. Power & Control Cables.