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To achieve excellence in the quality of its products, the company has adopted stringent quality control procedures at different stages of supply. We procure our raw material only from reliable vendors and the quality is checked industry.We holds strategic relationships with many big companies in terms of Material Supply, our long-term relationship with their business, marketing and profit goals.
Switch & Switchgear
Description Switchgear & switches
Manufactured Havells india ltd.
Havells India Ltd is a billion-dollar-plus organization, and is one of the largest & India's fastest growing electrical and power distribution equipment manufacturer with products ranging from Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection Switchgear, Cables & Wires, Motors, Fans, Power Capacitors, CFL Lamps, Luminaries for Domestic, Commercial & Industrial applications, Modular Switches & Bath fittings covering the entire gamut of household, commercial and industrial electrical needs.
Description Modular Plate Switch
Manufactured Crabtree India Ltd.
By the time Eveready South Africa bought the company in 1972, Crabtree had already been established as a leader in the field of electrical accessories and, nine years later, the company was sold to Hanson Trust, a UK company. It was, however, in 1989 that Crabtree finally came into its own and became a truly South African company when it was sold to Power tech, who also owned Litemaster. These two companies were amalgamated and the Crabtree brand was retained. The company’s world-class technical abilities are well recognized. Crabtree has won several technological awards for its ever-expanding range of modern products that continue to add value and quality to South African homes. By keeping pace with the rapidly changing demands of the consumer, Crabtree thus ensures that it remains a market leader.
Description Switch gears & meters
Manufactured Hpl india ltd.
HPL, with its unwavering commitment to the creation of world-class quality products, the HPL Group has created a niche for itself in the electrical industry. Today, HPL is regarded as “The Technology Brand of India” and is one of the premium manufacturers of reliable Electrical Protection Equipments, Switchgears, Energy Meters and Energy Management Systems. Consistent and sound policies have helped the HPL Group mark a strong presence nationally as well as globally. In its own special way, HPL is committed to the growth and expansion of Brand India. Through our deliberations in the electrical industry, we believe we can actively participate in furthering the cause of brand India. Superior technology, impressive product portfolio and a quality driven attitude have given HPL an edge in the competitive market. This has also attracted major international players to collaborate with HPL and work successfully together.
Indo asian  
Description Switchgear
Manufactured Indo asian fusegear ltd.
At Indo Asian, our single-minded dedication towards building better electrical control and protection equipment, is a vindication of this commitment. By providing technologically better and environment-friendlier products we contribute our mite to build a prosperous and productive human society; safe and secure in its highly protective use of electrical power for betterment of lives.Power, whether nuclear, petroleum-based or electrical, is means to prosperity. Its per capita consumption in any human society being a direct indicator of the standard of living. In such a situation, providing the means to safely and securely utilize electrical power is undoubtedly an endeavor to improve standards of living.